Loony Tales.

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking entry, this is not it. Or perhaps, it could be. Anything could be thought-provoking if you thought long enough.

See, last Thursday I attended a sad, regrettable event in the West with a friend. As sad as it should be, the number of loonies that we saw just stumped us. The place of course my friends, is Commonwealth. Let me give a brief.

Loonie No./Event:

1- Us. We got off at Redhill instead of Commonwealth and thankfully yours truly had the sense of approaching the control station staff. Then we realised we had to head to Commonwealth.

2- Theoretically, this should be loonieS. This would refer to the taxis. There were SO MANY empty taxis outside of Commonwealth but none stopped. I mean isnt this whole taxi thing a bit overrated? NONE stopped!! And finally one stopped, we asked him about our destination, he laughed and said you can walk there and he pointed in the distant direction. And he drove off.

3- We get lost. My friend approaches a woman, and she looks up and gave a sudden shiver and a stifled scream, thinking we were trying to rob her. She saw me laugh and laughed along. But no, she did not know where the block we were looking for was either. The place just gives me the creeps. I’m guessing it’s because I’m so used to the East, that the West seems to be in a different dimension altogether.

4- Still lost, we wandered around. We saw a McDonalds delivery guy getting on his motorbike. We waylaid him and asked him again. He pointed in the OPPPOSITE direction. So we briskwalked, and he rode off, and a couple of minutes later we end up at a void deck of a block and lo and behold the same delivery guy is there. So, it looks like we walk and he rides at the same speed! Bravo.

5- We walk through a void-deck where we pass a few loonies. We mindlessly approached a man who looked high on his cigarettes. We asked him where’s Block 27. He starts counting, “Block 27 ah? Okay, let’s see… 11…12…13…”. Erm, okay. We thank him and make a quick exit.

6- And then we see a man lying down at a bottom of a grassy hill on a concrete platform. He is trying to burn a leaf that his daughter picked with his lighter. She looks over the leaf and the small flames. Jeez. This was at 10 p.m. at night!

7- We walk and walk and walk. And finally stumble into a small park. We were at the top of a three foot hill. And leading down were some figurines ontop of some decorative stairs. Now, the loony involved here, would be the one who came up with the design concept. Why are there bronze statues of figures flushing the toilet bowl, washing hands and one brushing his teeth (i think?). I mean, it was SO odd. Anyway, we see a young couple and approach them for directions. And ta-da, they tell us to take a BUS. And then we realise we are at Holland Village! And we see Buona Vista Mrt from a distance. Jesus. We hop into a taxi and that leads us to loony 8.

8- The taxi driver makes a huge, huge U-turn and seems so confident of the place but noooo, in the end, he asks US. “Eh, you know wheres Block 27, anot?”

9- We get off and we see more loonies but I shall not divulge in this. All I can say is that everyone seemed a little too dressed up for this tragic occasion.

10- And then I wash my hands at a nearby coffeeshop, and as my friend and I have a conversation, a man proceeds to clear his lungs and nose of phleghm in a highly audible manner and I literally run away.

11- I get chased by a cockroach at the same time I spat out my drink because of my partner-in-crime who decides to recite a Sun TV coca-cola jingle, who then proceeds to laugh and laugh and laugh at my expense in the middle of the road.

12- We walk for a few seconds, turn right, and we see Commonwealth MRT. Now, if only, yours truly had the mind to approach the Commonwealth control station staff.


No offence intended at all, but I just felt a little uncomfortable. I guess at Pasir Ris from where I come from, it generally has this resort-feel. Every weekend, Pasir Ris MRT is packed with people going to the beach or chalets or BBQ. It is a general nice feeling. Well. So much for my Loony Tales. I’m still a little tired from my Sentosa escapade, which is another story altogether.

Ah. Life is good. When you’re not caught up in reality, that is.:)


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