Ha ha ha.
People. Enough is enough.
Let all be self-deluded.
I guess it’s true. People will only believe what they want to.
There is only one person I’ve lost all respect for, what a mastermind.
I pray for the last time that truths tumble out in the future.
And if they have been admitted to, then good for all.
It was never meant to be a war anyway. First things first, I never knew my blog was being read by those who wanted to have nothing to do with me anymore.

Just frustrating at how twisted the whole thing is. Because I guess if people really want to clarify things, they know who to go to. There are so many people out there to go to who actually have the answers that you really need. And if they refuse to seek, then there has to be another story behind it. How often do you make judgement without weighing both sides? I have nothing left to say. I just have to pick up the pieces and start walking, as hard as it is. And hold the hands of those who saw the whole picture, and held themselves out to me. I can’t be grateful enough.

I hope all’s well that ends well.

Moving on:
I think Commonwealth is an odd place.
I met very odd people at Commonwealth.
What an interesting experience.
I shall write about a few loonies tomorrow. I’m off to work and later Sentosa.



5 Responses to “Hahaha.”

  1. Great fan Says:

    What job are you holding? That’s fast considering u just grad. Keep it up!!!

  2. Thank you! I’m in Properties. :) It’s tough.

  3. once again, i cannot help but remark, how true indeed. and the truth will tumble itself out because there is such a thing as karma and its no longer in the next life. what you do strikes you back two-fold in this life. and just take it that your life is too damn interesting for this particular person that he/she continuously feels the need to fill that void in his/her life by reading about you. oh and i saw you at the roadshow the other day! i danced actually.and i also realised that i’m not gonna be bumping into ya at NUS since you’ve graduated. :)

  4. harlow aunty, why is commonwealth an odd place?? Huh huh huh??

    its the one place i get off to take a bus back home.. grrr..


  5. aarthi: haha thanks girl. i guess thats a nicer way of looking at things. and i saw you dancin’! ;) and yeah man…. im not gonna bump into anyone in NUS anymore. thats plain sad. i wanna go backkkkkkkk.

    karthik: eh. the no. of loonies i saw there!! i shall blog about it and you decide for yourself. i guess i could add you to it. another loonie who burns himself on his tongue. :P

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