Lil’ nuggets of information + thoughts

Nugget A:

I found out the name of the flying bicycle game thingy.
It’s called Propcycle.
I can’t play it now because I have a sprained toe.

Nugget B:

I was directed to a piece of writing on the internet.
At first, I raised my eyebrows. Then shook my head in disbelief. And then laughed.
How, terrifyingly self-absorbed and insecure one must be to truly believe that others care enough about another’s life to try to mess it up.
The very fact that others do not actively seek out information about others’ lives either through helpful internet tools such as Friendster or blogs, speaks for itself.
It’s funny what a whole bunch of lies can do to people. It’s funnier when they are actually believed.
I’m starting to feel a shred of pity.

Nugget 3:

Pirates of the Carribean is one awesome movie. Trash those trashy movie reviews.
I love it.
I’m going to watch it again.
And laugh my teeth off.

***I’m done with my nuggets of information, and thoughts.

3 Responses to “Lil’ nuggets of information + thoughts”

  1. Casper fan Says:

    how’s casper??

  2. Nugget 4/D:

    Never look at someone, whilst eating, lest you fall short of burning your tongue, with some hot creamy stuff. Thereby leavin you with some, dead tastebuds..

    Nugget 5/E:

    Try not to wait till the credits have all been rolled. Sometimes, that 30 seconds of film, is worth having walked back, to the train station..


  3. Casper fan: Hey, thanks! Casper is doing wonderfully well. Poor lil thing got sick for a bit and couldn’t stop throwing up, but he’s back on his paws! ;) thanks for asking.

    Karthik: hahahaha Witnessing Nugget 4/D was hilarious. “Tongue out.” hahahaahhah And as for Nugget 5/E, I’m still going to kick your butt! I’m not even sure if its 30 seconds or just 3!

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