Lesson #01 of the Girlfriend’s Guidebook

Never, ever, EVER paint a perfect picture of your relationship and your man to the world.
Let me tell you why.
Because, when things screw up, and your man does too, and plays victim, and people refuse to listen to you and listen to him instead, you shall be villified.
Terribly villified.
Because chances are, he is using your creation of an elevated status of the perfect man to cry foul.

That is the law, and things shall follow this progression.

Therefore, my dear fellow sisters, should any one of your girl friends happen to be in relationship trouble, the sanest thing to do would be to ask her. If she refuses to speak out of respect for her Ex (which she shall later discover to be undeserved), the next best choice should be her family members who have witnessed for themselves the fall of the Great Couplehood and the destructive spiral the ‘perfect’ man created, no? Therefore, we have to remember never to seek the reasons of a demise of the relationship from the scorned Ex. And the reason for that, my dears, is elementary.

However, if you do by any slim chance make the horrific mistake of approaching the Ex for so-called answers when you hardly knew him, and then do not get back to your girl friend because his villification has swayed you, do not even bother to declare that you have not taken sides, because my dears, you already have. And if this is too apparent to the rest of the word, you shall look neither unfoolish nor altruistic.

And finally, if you have some major doubts, you pick up the phone and make a phonecall to relevant parties who actually know the whole story because they have witnessed it for themselves, not characters from the outside circle. Now, how difficult would this be?

Class, any questions?


4 Responses to “Lesson #01 of the Girlfriend’s Guidebook”

  1. hey meera,
    this was one of your best posts in my opinion. i think its always so sad how women inadvertently end up becoming the bad ones just because we are apparently so capable of causing harm. i guess after awhile you start to conclude that all friends and detractors lost because of all the hearsay were probably the ones you were better off without anyway. nevertheless, i hope you’re doing good. take care.

  2. hey girl! haha thanks babe. it’s just more sad that the people who should have known better, ran off with another theory and refuse to even consider another. it’s rather self-deluded, and now a little sad. but i’m thinking, there’s a reason for every action. people shall believe only what they want to, and you wonder why. so the harder you try, the deeper you sink, and then after a while, why bother? as long as the people who really matter, like your family, know the truth, i guess that is all that counts at the end of the day. i suppose this applies to both men and women in relationships, or ex-ones. i’m doing good, hope you are too. take care, girl!

  3. I so feel you girl. Especially when its your so called friend who listens to ur bf and takes his side without even listening to yours. Its so easy to be vilified by men and its so much worse when your friends who are supposed to stick up for you take his side and agree with him. Worse when they discuss your problems or what they deem as your “issues” with each other behind your back. Sometimes I wonder why these girls even bother calling themselves our friends. Why don’t they just tell the truth that they are on somebody else’s side? Just cos they can’t take the truth doesn mean we can’t.

  4. Music: Yes, dear. It’s just unbelievable how much in denial people can be. i used to be seething with anger at the sheer intricate web of lies, but now i just feel very very sorry.it seems like stupidity but i guess people have their own reasons for believing what they choose to believe.

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