Arcade Wonderland

I have been making a couple of trips to the Games Arcade recently in Tampines Mall.
I used to go when I was really young.
And then when I grew up, I used to go with my brother, not frequently, but occasionally, and we used to play Daytona and race.
And then we grew up some more and got our own lives, and I stopped.
And recently I’ve been going again with some friends.
I am hooked on two games, other than Daytona.

One is House of Dead. Where zombies and rotting creatures pop up on the videoscreen and you have to get them before they get you.
The other is a game I just discovered, and am completely addicted to.
The whole game set consists of a huge video screen and a bicycle thing, which you have to sit on and paddle.
The game is this: You get on the bicycle thing and then when you watch the screen, you realise you are actually on this half-plane half-bicycle thing. You cycle off the cliff and then you start flying. As you fly through the hills and valleys, you have to go burst these huge floating balloons to gain points and even extra-time.
The best part is that they actually have a small vent infront of you that has air blowing out of it, to make it seem like you are really flying. The faster you paddle and fly, the harder the wind.

What I love most about this is that I am in a completely different world. You go through valleys. As you fly over hills, you fly over a moving old-fashioned train. You can enter a cave behind a waterfall. The cave is another world by itself. Tints of blue and red. How wonderful. The worries of the mundane real world are left behind, as your only aim for that few minutes is to pop as many red floating balloons as you can. Who cares about being pressured of getting a proper job? About paying bills? About love and the rollercoaster rides that come with it? About life? Balloons rule!

It is such a lovely, fantasy game, I love it!

I am super-hooked.
And then I played Air Hockey, and lost 17-3.

I think I shall stick with my flying bicycle. :P
Either that, or I shall grow up.


3 Responses to “Arcade Wonderland”

  1. Anantya Says:

    uhm. i played that flying bicycle game once and i sucked SO BAD. that’s the reason i’ve only played it once. ME, give me the daytona bike-racing, the police shooting game (time-risk? something like that), and that other shooting one (with the pink and blue gun) where you have to shoot a certain number of targets for each level.

    but i

  2. Anantya Says:

    HEY! it ate the 2nd half. i said i lous air hockey.

  3. Heheheh Akka, really, I sucked at it SUPER BAD the first time too. Because I couldn’t orientate myself with the controls. It’s like you have to pull down and up to go up and down, a little psycho-motor problem there. But with a lil encouragement and motivation, I got the hang of it! My rank for that game is now Wing Leader! I’m still aiming for that Perfect Ace. I need to pop 12 balloons for that. I think I need a life. heehee

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