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Sweet Tooth Alert #01

Posted in Archive - All Entries on July 31, 2006 by meera

This is for all the Sweet Tooths Sweet Teeth out there.
I savoured this yesterday and absolutely could not keep it to myself. So here it is.
Try only if you are a hard-core Sweet Tooth.
The Blood Orange Creme Brulee at Fullerton is heavenly.
It is to die for people! To Die For!
The thin layer of baked/fired, caramelised sugar at the top, that breaks like a thin layer of ice over the warm, soft pudding that slowly melts in your mouth.
And they serve it with ice-cream as well. I’m trying to get pix here that will make you absolutely drool so you will go out and try it, but I can’t seem to work it here. I am sounding so bimboitic, but I can’t help it!


So, do try. Or since we’re on this topic, a few more recommendations, for Sweet Teeth.

*Strawberry Lassi @ Inaiyavan
*Dessert Sampler @ Equinox
*Milo Dinosaur @ Prata Place
*American Brownie @ Billy Bombers
*Dessert Buffet @ Changi Village Hotel

Now the last one, you MUST try. It is literally a dessert buffet. Imagine a buffet, but all desserts. I’m not sure when this happens though. I think I went on a Sunday.

Okay. Till next time I have something to gripe about. Which I do actually, about a certain newspaper article that claimed that “each and every” blogger out there blogs for fame. Dammit. I have a few things to say about that. But another story for another day! Till, we meet again (very soon), Adieu!


Loony Tales.

Posted in Archive - All Entries on July 30, 2006 by meera

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking entry, this is not it. Or perhaps, it could be. Anything could be thought-provoking if you thought long enough.

See, last Thursday I attended a sad, regrettable event in the West with a friend. As sad as it should be, the number of loonies that we saw just stumped us. The place of course my friends, is Commonwealth. Let me give a brief.

Loonie No./Event:

1- Us. We got off at Redhill instead of Commonwealth and thankfully yours truly had the sense of approaching the control station staff. Then we realised we had to head to Commonwealth.

2- Theoretically, this should be loonieS. This would refer to the taxis. There were SO MANY empty taxis outside of Commonwealth but none stopped. I mean isnt this whole taxi thing a bit overrated? NONE stopped!! And finally one stopped, we asked him about our destination, he laughed and said you can walk there and he pointed in the distant direction. And he drove off.

3- We get lost. My friend approaches a woman, and she looks up and gave a sudden shiver and a stifled scream, thinking we were trying to rob her. She saw me laugh and laughed along. But no, she did not know where the block we were looking for was either. The place just gives me the creeps. I’m guessing it’s because I’m so used to the East, that the West seems to be in a different dimension altogether.

4- Still lost, we wandered around. We saw a McDonalds delivery guy getting on his motorbike. We waylaid him and asked him again. He pointed in the OPPPOSITE direction. So we briskwalked, and he rode off, and a couple of minutes later we end up at a void deck of a block and lo and behold the same delivery guy is there. So, it looks like we walk and he rides at the same speed! Bravo.

5- We walk through a void-deck where we pass a few loonies. We mindlessly approached a man who looked high on his cigarettes. We asked him where’s Block 27. He starts counting, “Block 27 ah? Okay, let’s see… 11…12…13…”. Erm, okay. We thank him and make a quick exit.

6- And then we see a man lying down at a bottom of a grassy hill on a concrete platform. He is trying to burn a leaf that his daughter picked with his lighter. She looks over the leaf and the small flames. Jeez. This was at 10 p.m. at night!

7- We walk and walk and walk. And finally stumble into a small park. We were at the top of a three foot hill. And leading down were some figurines ontop of some decorative stairs. Now, the loony involved here, would be the one who came up with the design concept. Why are there bronze statues of figures flushing the toilet bowl, washing hands and one brushing his teeth (i think?). I mean, it was SO odd. Anyway, we see a young couple and approach them for directions. And ta-da, they tell us to take a BUS. And then we realise we are at Holland Village! And we see Buona Vista Mrt from a distance. Jesus. We hop into a taxi and that leads us to loony 8.

8- The taxi driver makes a huge, huge U-turn and seems so confident of the place but noooo, in the end, he asks US. “Eh, you know wheres Block 27, anot?”

9- We get off and we see more loonies but I shall not divulge in this. All I can say is that everyone seemed a little too dressed up for this tragic occasion.

10- And then I wash my hands at a nearby coffeeshop, and as my friend and I have a conversation, a man proceeds to clear his lungs and nose of phleghm in a highly audible manner and I literally run away.

11- I get chased by a cockroach at the same time I spat out my drink because of my partner-in-crime who decides to recite a Sun TV coca-cola jingle, who then proceeds to laugh and laugh and laugh at my expense in the middle of the road.

12- We walk for a few seconds, turn right, and we see Commonwealth MRT. Now, if only, yours truly had the mind to approach the Commonwealth control station staff.


No offence intended at all, but I just felt a little uncomfortable. I guess at Pasir Ris from where I come from, it generally has this resort-feel. Every weekend, Pasir Ris MRT is packed with people going to the beach or chalets or BBQ. It is a general nice feeling. Well. So much for my Loony Tales. I’m still a little tired from my Sentosa escapade, which is another story altogether.

Ah. Life is good. When you’re not caught up in reality, that is.:)


Posted in Archive - All Entries on July 28, 2006 by meera

Ha ha ha.
People. Enough is enough.
Let all be self-deluded.
I guess it’s true. People will only believe what they want to.
There is only one person I’ve lost all respect for, what a mastermind.
I pray for the last time that truths tumble out in the future.
And if they have been admitted to, then good for all.
It was never meant to be a war anyway. First things first, I never knew my blog was being read by those who wanted to have nothing to do with me anymore.

Just frustrating at how twisted the whole thing is. Because I guess if people really want to clarify things, they know who to go to. There are so many people out there to go to who actually have the answers that you really need. And if they refuse to seek, then there has to be another story behind it. How often do you make judgement without weighing both sides? I have nothing left to say. I just have to pick up the pieces and start walking, as hard as it is. And hold the hands of those who saw the whole picture, and held themselves out to me. I can’t be grateful enough.

I hope all’s well that ends well.

Moving on:
I think Commonwealth is an odd place.
I met very odd people at Commonwealth.
What an interesting experience.
I shall write about a few loonies tomorrow. I’m off to work and later Sentosa.


Lil’ nuggets of information + thoughts

Posted in Archive - All Entries, Reflection on July 26, 2006 by meera

Nugget A:

I found out the name of the flying bicycle game thingy.
It’s called Propcycle.
I can’t play it now because I have a sprained toe.

Nugget B:

I was directed to a piece of writing on the internet.
At first, I raised my eyebrows. Then shook my head in disbelief. And then laughed.
How, terrifyingly self-absorbed and insecure one must be to truly believe that others care enough about another’s life to try to mess it up.
The very fact that others do not actively seek out information about others’ lives either through helpful internet tools such as Friendster or blogs, speaks for itself.
It’s funny what a whole bunch of lies can do to people. It’s funnier when they are actually believed.
I’m starting to feel a shred of pity.

Nugget 3:

Pirates of the Carribean is one awesome movie. Trash those trashy movie reviews.
I love it.
I’m going to watch it again.
And laugh my teeth off.

***I’m done with my nuggets of information, and thoughts.

Lesson #01 of the Girlfriend’s Guidebook

Posted in Archive - All Entries, The Highpriestess' Girlfriends' Guidebook on July 25, 2006 by meera

Never, ever, EVER paint a perfect picture of your relationship and your man to the world.
Let me tell you why.
Because, when things screw up, and your man does too, and plays victim, and people refuse to listen to you and listen to him instead, you shall be villified.
Terribly villified.
Because chances are, he is using your creation of an elevated status of the perfect man to cry foul.

That is the law, and things shall follow this progression.

Therefore, my dear fellow sisters, should any one of your girl friends happen to be in relationship trouble, the sanest thing to do would be to ask her. If she refuses to speak out of respect for her Ex (which she shall later discover to be undeserved), the next best choice should be her family members who have witnessed for themselves the fall of the Great Couplehood and the destructive spiral the ‘perfect’ man created, no? Therefore, we have to remember never to seek the reasons of a demise of the relationship from the scorned Ex. And the reason for that, my dears, is elementary.

However, if you do by any slim chance make the horrific mistake of approaching the Ex for so-called answers when you hardly knew him, and then do not get back to your girl friend because his villification has swayed you, do not even bother to declare that you have not taken sides, because my dears, you already have. And if this is too apparent to the rest of the word, you shall look neither unfoolish nor altruistic.

And finally, if you have some major doubts, you pick up the phone and make a phonecall to relevant parties who actually know the whole story because they have witnessed it for themselves, not characters from the outside circle. Now, how difficult would this be?

Class, any questions?

Strange sightings.

Posted in Archive - All Entries, Reflection, thoughts & chaos on July 24, 2006 by meera

I went for an ethnic event yesterday held at a community center. Met so many people. From my secondary school, to old friends (what a sad term), to friends, and friends of friends, ex-crushes, and the Ex  (*drum roll please*). As he walked in, he couldn’t see me, but I could, since I was seated, among small gasps from my friends, and ‘tsk-tsk-ing’. It was rather surreal.

Anyway. I have finally seen what I was waiting to see for a very long time. Although I’ve heard a lot, involuntarily and voluntarily, and heard about other sightings, there was something in me that had to witness this phenomenon personally. And I did. I was expecting some grand build-up to a volatile volcanic eruption, but upon that sight, I felt a little less than a fly rustling its tiny wings. I smiled, looked down, shook my head a little and that was that. Two years ago, things were a lot more different. At the very same hall, I was on stage. And he was there.

I guess life is such. You can never prepare yourself for how life will unravel itself in two years. Well. As long as everyone is happy I guess, why should it matter? My mild confusion shouldn’t count.

Another strange thing happened. Or rather didn’t happen. People have asked me why I have not moved on. Why I can’t commit. I said something along the lines of I had to see him move on first, before I could. And although I now have, nothing much has changed in me. I am still a little terrified of the word commitment. Or as oblivious as a cow grazing on a field of marijuana. ;) But, I think that’s another story for another day.

However, as I sat there with my friends, who shared in my mild amazement, I felt like a better person, a stronger person. As one of my dearest held my hand and face, I squeezed her hand back, and that was enough. I knew I was loved, and this mere thought was enough. I knew that I have a bigger world out there that matters more. Even admidst the show, friends sms-ed, one who declared “Mein Gott” (heh heh, you always crack me up, hon.). It took me this long to realise, but my heart is full. That there are bigger and better things out there for me. And maybe, just maybe, I could really be happy. :)

Moving on. I wanted to stay longer for the show, but I had to leave for my dance mate’s 21st party. She looked absolutely gorgeous. (Man, that was one gem of a saree!) Music was good, hosting was good, the dance floor was great. Although I was late, I was so glad I made it. Saw all my girls I haven’t seen in months. Miss them absolutely. Can’t wait to get back in class next month. Really can’t wait.

And then, last night I had the strangest dream. Hmm. But I can’t remember much admidst the pain of the sprain of my big toe. Ouch. Shall limp away to lunch now. I realise how random this entry is, but oh well. It’s fare thee well for now. (in every sense of the phrase.) *smile*

Arcade Wonderland

Posted in Archive - All Entries, Reflection on July 23, 2006 by meera

I have been making a couple of trips to the Games Arcade recently in Tampines Mall.
I used to go when I was really young.
And then when I grew up, I used to go with my brother, not frequently, but occasionally, and we used to play Daytona and race.
And then we grew up some more and got our own lives, and I stopped.
And recently I’ve been going again with some friends.
I am hooked on two games, other than Daytona.

One is House of Dead. Where zombies and rotting creatures pop up on the videoscreen and you have to get them before they get you.
The other is a game I just discovered, and am completely addicted to.
The whole game set consists of a huge video screen and a bicycle thing, which you have to sit on and paddle.
The game is this: You get on the bicycle thing and then when you watch the screen, you realise you are actually on this half-plane half-bicycle thing. You cycle off the cliff and then you start flying. As you fly through the hills and valleys, you have to go burst these huge floating balloons to gain points and even extra-time.
The best part is that they actually have a small vent infront of you that has air blowing out of it, to make it seem like you are really flying. The faster you paddle and fly, the harder the wind.

What I love most about this is that I am in a completely different world. You go through valleys. As you fly over hills, you fly over a moving old-fashioned train. You can enter a cave behind a waterfall. The cave is another world by itself. Tints of blue and red. How wonderful. The worries of the mundane real world are left behind, as your only aim for that few minutes is to pop as many red floating balloons as you can. Who cares about being pressured of getting a proper job? About paying bills? About love and the rollercoaster rides that come with it? About life? Balloons rule!

It is such a lovely, fantasy game, I love it!

I am super-hooked.
And then I played Air Hockey, and lost 17-3.

I think I shall stick with my flying bicycle. :P
Either that, or I shall grow up.