Of Dance and Miracles.

Do you know how sometimes you wish for something so much but you feel that it is never going to happen so you push it to the back of your head, and suddenly one day it happens?
And suddenly you remember that wish, and what follows is surprise and a deep respect for the complete miraculous unpredictable nature of everyday life that gives you this boundless feeling of elation in your heart and light-headedness.

I was at work the other day and my handphone rang. I heard a familiar voice which tugged at my heartstrings but that which I could not put a name to. It was my dance teacher. She called me and we had such a good talk. For those who are not aware, I had stopped dance for about nearly a good six months. This was after some complications in my health and life in general. I was to go back to dancing after my exams. But my exams came and went. My results too. And then I started work. And still, I couldnt bring myself to pick up the phone and dial her number although I badly wanted to. For the past few weeks, there was this little voice in my head urging me to call her. I had to suppress this desire for dancing again. I tried not to watch classical dance programmes as it does nothing but fuel that need in me. Call it fear or cowardice, but I could not bring myself to call her. When she did, I felt that it was so unfair that she had to call and not me.

I'm not sure if anyone can understand this but I was so thankful and grateful that I nearly cried in the conversation. She told me never to stop dancing. And not to lose the art. I can't thank the Gods & Goddesses enough for this.. for placing me back on the right track, and righting the wrongs in my life, without even me trying.

Or maybe I just wished hard enough.
But I'm still thinking, maybe this was sheer destiny.

Leave me be, in my idealistic world. :)
I'm a happy girl.

P.S: I learned to play Vaseegara on the keyboard!! With chords and all. Thanks SLP. (I hope he teaches me more songs.. also for those who don't know, I used to play the Electone, another form of keyboard, for about five years.. it's all coming back to me now. oh, life is good. {again, i've digressed within parantheses}) 

:) I am a happy girl indeed. Music, Dance and finally, peace of mind and yet a sense of excitement and curiosity, of what life has instore for me and the abundant opportunities it offers.. what else can I ask for?

             p.s: a post-script for a post-script. yes, I know there's such a thing as
                    post-post-script, but the above must be the first blog post-script
                    with paragraphs. heehee. or okay maybe not. okay wait, I better
                    go off now. toodledeeee!

4 Responses to “Of Dance and Miracles.”

  1. Drama-mama Says:

    Ami says that we are not given more of a burden than we can handle. You proved her right. I hope that out of all this, the most important thing was the bunch of lessons you learnt. About others, about life, and about yourself. If we learn from it, it can’t be bad anymore, right? I hope you are always blessed with the presence of people who love you. =)

  2. :) thanks sweetheart. i guess we do learn something from every situation. but the most important lessons are those that spring from the toughest experiences, so in that sense, i’m blessed. thank you dear. lots love.

  3. Yum..ive nvr tried that combi before..ive always had ikanbilis/tofu/quail eggs sambal..haha..me am a pig!

  4. heeheehee. it is vveryyyyyyyyyyyy nice. :D i make one what! heehee
    and girl, honestly, u cant be a bigger pig than me.
    no way is that possible i swear!

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