Bouncing ball.


I've bounced back into this space.
Why is it so hard to stop blogging???
Now I have so many funny and stupid things to say, I actually typed out an entry and it sounded so bloody retarded and out of place with the rest of my deep, thought-provoking life experiences that I deleted it. argh.

Firstly, I must say something. Thank you very very very much for all those supportive comments. I never knew there were so many of you'll out there wishing me well. (though I know there are those who are waiting when I will fall flat on my face okay. dont think i dont know. i will find you. hunt you down. and pull out your nostril hair one by one.) ewwww! meeera!

Anyway, back to my point. Thank you all. I know I have bored you to tears with my sob stories but my life litereally was a  mini-SunTV megaserial. Enemies became friends. Friends became enemies. Strangers became lovers. My life is quite dramatic. And all along I was waiting for something super-exciting to happen to my monotonous, monochrome life, and ta-da! God handed me a surprise in a gift-wrapped time-bomb that exploded right before my exams. But somehow I cleared! So I need to add this too. I have graduated with a B.A. with Merit. I did well enough for continue for Honors who those who have asked, but after weighing my options, I have decided to work, and I am very happy with where I am now. :)

I need to go off now and am very tired. I am also gaining weight as mentioned.
Jogs in the parks beckon me as well.
But the Sandman comes first, so goodnight my lovelies!


2 Responses to “Bouncing ball.”

  1. In order to qualify as a sun tv serial of any has to have atleast 9876 episodes, 562 different actors/actresses, all in various tates of depression :p

    Glad ur doing good!

  2. highpriestess Says:

    Ambiga: haha! that’s why mini-suntv serial la. just a very mini version. but still good enough material okay!

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