It’s Time To Let Go.

I will miss you.

But it's all over.

I'm letting go now.

It has been difficult. Almost too difficult.
But the time has come. Maybe almost too late.
But it's here.

Thank you for everything,
it was magical while it lasted.
We've shared the best times and the worst.
We've had our best times and the worst.
And I am truly sorry for the things I've said and done that hurt.
I only wish you well, now.

I wish you didn't do the things you did.
I wish you had stopped just for one minute,
to listen to what I had to say.
I wish you didn't say the things you said.
I wish you stop saying the things you say,
when you know it's not the truth.
I wish you would stop lying.
I wish you would explain… everything.

But I've stopped wishing.
Goodbye, my dear.
You were my family and my bestfriend, my everything.
I hope you find happiness.
And peace.
I hope you stop hurting.
And then..
you'll find,

life goes on.

Always has. And always will.

The only difference is that you realise, after all these years,
that perhaps, the person you thought you knew so well,
thoughts, dreams, actions, words and all,
isn't really the person you thought you knew.

And that, is the only thing,
that is only too hard, too painful, and all too frightening to learn.


2 Responses to “It’s Time To Let Go.”

  1. Hell Rider Says:

    Wishing you well too, Meera. Its never easy to let go but time will heal all wounds….

  2. *hugz. Life, must go on. Take it easy, babe!

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