Hush, Hush Darling…

The mornings are the hardest.
Before you open your eyes, you hope that all was just a very seemingly real nightmare.
That you could call him immediately, and tell him all about it,
and he would laugh on the phone, and tell you,

"Baby you know I would never leave you. Silly girl. Go and sleep, go."

You know this and want this because,
it has happened before.
Just that this time, I open my eyes,
and I realise, it's all real.

And this time I can't call you.
I can't hear your voice.
I can't go back to sleep.

I can't get rid of me.


2 Responses to “Hush, Hush Darling…”

  1. blame it on the random nature of the heart..
    Jus let it go… if u r meant to be his if he is meant to yours u will be back together
    if not it only means that something a lot better is out there waiting for the both of u
    the memories are yours to keep..
    trust me whatever happens u’ll be fine.. life goes on
    put ur heart and soul into something else…shift ur focus for the time being..
    relationships are jus a part of life..
    hope i din say anything non-sensical.. =p

  2. sojourner Says:

    How similar our experiences are..

    Isn’t it amazing how at one point it seemed ludicrous to think of being without each other, so very inconceivable to part ways when you’ve shared so much… and the next moment, everything’s lost.

    Sweets, I’ve been where you are. The good news is… this passes, this empty excruciatingly helpless frustrating feeling diminishes until it becomes a vague memory. This is so emotionally draining.

    If it is not him, there is someone else. Remember ur pain before him babe? I remember it. You were falling apart all over the place. But u had ur chance at happiness again. For every end there is a beginning. Have hope in that.

    Take care.

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