Whirlwind of exams.

I can hardly catch my breath.
Four papers over!
One last one, and it just might be the last paper I would ever have to do in NUS.
How strange.. so it all comes down to this.
My papers have been okay so far.
OKAY. I mean last Sat's paper was just terrible. I was nearly in tears. So since I didn't need to suppress any sobs or hysteria for the other three papers, I think I did OKAY.
Which is scary sicne I know the bellcurve is very influential, and that might mess things up.
SUrprisingly my essays came back really positively.
I rececived B's and above for everything, and I really thank God for that.
It's strange.
How you think you will never be able to pull through but you do.
I'm not waiting for after exams…
I will have to face reality, and the mere prospect of it… churns my stomach.

Well. A slight headache now. I need to go rest a bit.
I'm starting to question why I even bother blogging..


9 Responses to “Whirlwind of exams.”

  1. good luck for the last paper ma:) i’m just about to start mine.

  2. Hey…you have one more paper..i have 4 more papers…i feel sick just thinking about it!

    Im glad you did well in your essays!!
    Good luck for the final paper!

  3. *hug* All the best for the one more paper baby!
    I’ve still got a month to go for these exams and at least another two years of Uni in UK before I come back and join NUS (hopefully!). Bleagh. Long long way away…
    As for after exams, I know you’re far from looking forward to it, but it will all work out. One way or the other, it will work out.
    Love you darling.

  4. geet: all the very best to you, sweetheart. we will clear it!! perservere persevere! then..its SCHIZO!!!! woooohooooooooooo! hahahha

    ambiga: oh nooo. i know what you mean by that sick feelin’. dont worry, itll all be over bfeore u know it. trust me!

    raji: i love you too ma. it will work out. i guess. :) mwah. miss u.

  5. babez this is gonna sound ridiculous now but treasure this. there will come a time u will actually MISS exams & assignments =)n cool layout ;)

  6. mel!!! im already feeling it! i am treasuring it. in fact, im actually hoping to study for one more year just so that i wont hv to enter the workforce!!!!! hahahahah im a pig, i know! :D

  7. hahah…hons? hons is good babe. if u wanna go into civil service. its a very very good plan. but aim for the sky. haha no man. ur not a pig. if i had moolah i’d go back to studying again. but i suck at saving so…erm…dats gonna take a damn long time. =(

  8. but the rate my CAP score going, im not sure if its worth it getting a third class hons. i mean i might as well just get a B.A. and then do a post grad or something instead of a thirdclass hons. i dont know. but still hons is hons. aiyoh mel. im damn confused! and ahhhhhh i dont want to workkkkk!!! hahaha

  9. haha *hugz* its like that. take a couple of deep breaths and think it through. personally i think honours is too highly rated. dats coz i’m not aiming for a job in the public service. but if u are the pay does go according to the valuability of hons.i mean if u manage to get 2nd upper etc its really good. ur pay jumps accordingly. but ur right to say third class is pretty much the same as a normal degree. but as for post grad, ur pay doesn’t jump with a masters degree.not for alot of jobs in sg.so u spend alot of money doing ur masters, for the love of it.not for a pay raise. n for increased respectability too.

    no one wants to work man.let’s rob UOB? come on a not?? ;) haha but working is not dat bad. ups n downs to it all.financial freedom. dats a good start rite? think of all that shopping babe…n den make it a reality!

    juz my opinions babe. take care!

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