Exam time?

It is here. Exam fever. But it has come a little late for me. Tomorrow is my first paper. I’m not sure what exactly didn’t go right this semester. I went for all my lectures, and only missed them once, or twice, when I was sick and unable to get out of bed. I went for all my tutorials. And yet, nothing. When exams were two weeks away, I still didn’t panic or worry. How important this semester is to me. And yet… Even during my study break, I hardly got anything done. I could blame my essays and presentations which never ended till a couple of days ago, but time management has never really been my best friend, and it was not as though I had aced my essays. Infact, I am not even going to bother collecting my essays. I don’t need an ego bashing a day before exams. I seem to have no motivation. The days pass by long and slow when I do anything but study. And when I open my books, my eyelids fail to cooperate, and two scenarios arise. Either I fall promptly asleep, or I stare at the same page for an hour or two. What a mess. I don’t wish to say anything more, because really, is there anything left?

4 Responses to “Exam time?”

  1. *hug*
    I’m not the best of persons to give any advice, seeing as how we have a mutual enemy in time management, but all my support is yours. I have confidence in you honey, u can do this well.
    Blessed Be Sister Mine.

  2. hmm i can identify with tt post.
    all the best for the last lap of uni life.

  3. raji: *hug* we never learned anything from copying our A-maths in double speed havent we? How was it that we managed time much better in secondary school than we can now? I mean we talked late on the phone, watched almost every available sitcom, surfed stupid websites till the wee hours of the morning, and yet woke up just in time to head to school and copy homework. Wow, we really amazed ourselves at our efficiency. hehehehe. mwah. blessed be my dear.

    anon: thank you very much. it’s scary. last lap of uni life. makes me wonder just what the hell i’m doing, instead of really doing anything about it. ;)

  4. Ahahaha….the good ole’ golden days of perpetual A maths copying! I remember days when tamil and A-maths homework got copied in 20mins flat. =P And that was while we were talking, hehehe. That speed of writing shall never return! of course i also slept most of chemistry and english classes away so the lost sleep time did get recovered there!

    Wheee…reminisces, reminisces, there could never be a worse time for reminisces than when we ought to be studying for exams, and yet, how could there be a better time to reminisce?

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