Rainy days and Metal frames.

The weather has been strange lately. But comfortingly strange. It is a slow, chilly day. She sits quietly, watching the rain. Warm sofas are a myth. Her fingers touch the cool fabric, and retract immediately. Her eyes glaze over the windows. Watching, but not really looking. She gets up lazily and stretches. Her skin tingling with the sudden movement and the cold gusts of air that sift through. Her body feels light, but her head is heavy. Like her heart. She presses a hand over her right breast, and closes her eyes. Taking in the smell of rain, and the coolness of her skin, feeling her heart’s little beats. How is it possible that this heart could cease to beat for the one that ever mattered to her? Impossible. She opens her eyes, and is surprised at a tear that greets her parting lips. She seems unconscious of her pain now. Her eyes glance around and involuntarily fix their gaze on a framed photograph of him. He smiles at her, arms crossed. She smiles back, and lifts his image behind the glass. Her throat tightens, and she suppresses a sob that threatens to escape. Her eyes start to well, his image now distorted with her tears that refuse to fall, seeking solace within her lids. She puts him to her chest, feeling the cool metal against her skin, and together, they fall.


7 Responses to “Rainy days and Metal frames.”

  1. Beautiful……

  2. peace: thank you.. :)

  3. Hello Hello Says:

    Are you writing abt yrself? :(

  4. *hugz* *kiss*

  5. I’m not even gonna type it, you know what I’m thinking..
    Love you sweetie!

  6. laura: *hug*

    raji: heh love you too sweetie. lots and lots and lots. miss you.

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