This has to be it: Men’s Universal Pledge


Pre-Script: No offence to any nation which has a similar pledge (if it has one at all.) Completely tongue-in-cheek and dedicated to all (most) men lurking in the shadows of the world. Especially infantile men, who still have egos the size of China, and boys who have multiple sexual partners, at the risk of contracting STDs and crabs, and affectiontely term themselves, “Playas” for short. I think I have found the Pledge that men swear by, because if it is not, understanding you is impossible.:


“We, the men of the universe,
pledge ourselves as one united body of trouble,
regardless of age, race, language or religion (and nation),
to build screwed up relationships,
based on lies, sex and violence,
so as to achieve copulation, inflated egos and
progress for our crotches.”

-Highpriestess 2006.

8 Responses to “This has to be it: Men’s Universal Pledge”

  1. So this is for Playas or guys in general? o.0

  2. Lavathena Says:

    heheh….i think i may be inclined towards agreeing with you…:)

  3. Anantya: guys in general. but ESPECIALLY Playas.

    Lavathena: heeeeheeeeheeee.

  4. heheheeh….i agree too! =)

  5. just wondering…speaking of infantile behaviour and childishness, meera don’t you think this particular approach is certainly deserving of that label as well?…perhaps you forget that your gender are not exactly easy to understand as well….and by the way i’ve met many female “playas” as well….just thought you’d like to know….If u think of a generalisation that has defied disproving, please let me know will you…thanks…

  6. Drama-mama Says:

    hahaha well said seker!!!!!!

    meera meera why u want to offend all these hamsum dimsum boys?
    Wat would we do without them?

    Well. Other than turn lesbian.
    In which case we would have to write these pledges about other girls, because girls having relationships with girls would be world war 3 to world war 567 in a week!

    But anyways. Why you want to ffend these hamsum dimsum boys?
    Don’t laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  7. hahahahhahaha
    seker: okay first, please calm down. this is not male-bashing. but thank you, i was waiting for one man to stand up at least. :) as i said, completely tongue in cheek la!!!! and please don’t get me started on My OWN gender. Yes i agree with you. this post is childish. (definitely not to be taken seriously). and yes, the female gender is very hard to understand. and yes, of course this is a generalisation (seker!!!!!! did i not say, “men in general”). and yes, there are many female playas. so. yes. i agree with you on alllll counts. But ironically, a male friend of mine read this and said, “oh! finally someone knew where we were coming from!” haha. yes so he might be one of those few who belonged to the camp opposed to yours, but eh! this is “tongue-in-cheek”. it was one of those times where my friend and me were rambling abt men and ta-da, the pledge was born. should i put a disclaimer? Not the be taken seriously? maybe that would help smoothe rufffled feathers. :|

    drama-mama: hamsum dimsum boys. quite the spokeswoman aren’t ya? what would we do without them? lots actually. i’m not saying the world doesn’t need them. but what would WE do without them? a little reinforcement of the patriarchal structure that is hard enough to escape from, isnt it? :|

  8. oh my god

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