Exams and such, & Beckettian thoughts?

This semester is ridiculous to the point that I'm wondering why it is so damn ridiculous. I know that that was not a proper grammatical sentence that made any sense or that will contribute any meaning to my post, but you have to forgive my lack of coherence, and as such, ignore my unconscious usage and non-usage of proper grammatical structure, vocabulary and anything else that will confuse the heck out of any blog reader.

Let me give you an example of such mental deterioriation. I was in class the other day and was telling my friends struggling with the same situation of juggling essays-exams how I was going to the airport to finish my essay overnight at the airport. An interested classmate asked me if there was internet access at the airport.

SL: Eh, Meera, got internet access at airport anot???
Me: hmm… ya ya! I think there's Shakespeare Wireless at the airport.
SL & Company: (stare for about 3.2 seconds and then laugh hysterically, pointing at me.)

ARGH!!! I mean Starhub wireless if you still haven't gotten it. heeheehee. Not that I expect one to get it since it is really not that funny to start off with, and why I have included this in my post when there are so many other things happening in my life is actually quite beyond my understanding of the current situation. (Right now I'm feeling rather Beckettian since my words are starting to disintegrate and I myself am getting the feeling that I am not making any sense even though I bet Beckett knew what he was talking about when he wasn't saying anything. hmm.)

Anyway. I have been trying to study. It has been really not an easy task. Firstly, I have had tons of essays to finish like the rest of NUS people suffering now. But I think this is ridiculous, because what kicked off my spontaneous, disintegrated chain of thought is the arrival of one essay in my workbin due in twelve days and the thought of doing another group presentation during my bloody Reading Period Also-Known-As STUDY BREAK! Oops. Lost my composure for a bit there.

Anyway. On top of this, he keeps coming into my head and makes me cry from time to time, shocking a lot of people. It sucks that he has this effect on me. But I'm guessing this is normal. At least I'm not thinking of stupid things. But it sucks still. I remember how he used to take care of me during exams……… BUT WELL. Things change. Goodbye now. I've run out of things to say. 


2 Responses to “Exams and such, & Beckettian thoughts?”

  1. I hate it when essays and presentations are due so close to exams…as it is i dont study properly for exams..with deadlines its just near impossible! Blah

  2. Ambiga: I know! blah blah blah!! ugh.

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