lackofsleep.lackofsleep.lackofsleep. stillhavetimetodream.

I have slept for a grand total of 7 hours in the past three days. One day ago it was 2 hours. the next day it was 1 hour. and today it was for 4 hours. brilliant brilliant!
This week is really scary..I mean I know I say that almost every week but this week is REALLY SCARY. I have two essays due on Friday, and one class test on Friday, which is annoying me because it is online and my computer is not wired to the school’s internet and I have class before that. argh. im not very worried about the test because it is on Feminism, and I don’t really mind that. It’s the essays I am more worried about. I am planning on finishing one essay by tonight. Then again, I said that last week. Nooooo. I can’t do that. I have to finish it TODAY. And then start on my other one. Then the rst of the week I can revise both and study for my test. Ok sounds like a plan.

The past few days have been really interesting. Have met someone and that is going rather interestingly.. for a lack of choice of other words.. I don’t know much about him to be honest.. I don’t even know who to ask. But well.. it’s the process. And couple that with a lack of sleep, everything seems like a dream. Like an illusion.. that I can’t seem to distinguish between skin and dreams. Sigh. Where is this going to lead to? What will happen? I don’t know. And I don’t think it is very important at this moment. I’m taking it one day at a time.. and I think that is important. The funniest thing is that through this situation, I learned so many things about a previous situation, and realise just how people can actually lie through their teeth and get away with it! I’m glad I’m out of that one…

OH. On the health front, my right eye is really getting infected. If I go into details, it’s going to be super gross, so i won’t. Let’s just say that my eye has this tendency to clog up because of an infection..sinus and everything.. and my eye hurts and burns… and when I use an eyedrop, it’s like as if I squirted chilli juice into it and because I keep rubbing my eye, the soft skin around it is so thin and has abrasions. i look awful. and contacts are out of the question for a bit. sigh.

Vaanavil yesterday was really good! thank you for all your support! it was a success and it went smoothly. the primary school kids are really cute and the winners were so happy! :) so that is really nice. after that, thanks to a very influential friend, the other part of M-square, I was literally dragged half-blind to the club. Somehow we always bump into friends which is a good thing! My legs are killing me. I asked for it. I only blame myself. Like now. when i should be doing my work! Okay I’m out of here.

P.S.: My Friendster Horoscope:

The Bottom Line

More than ever, it’s vital for you to be open to change. Opportunity is knocking.

In Detail

Tell them all what you think — everyone — even if you’ve suddenly realized that it’s going to startle them by revealing a romantic secret. Your list of priorities has changed — and drastically, too — just recently. It’s okay. It’s not all that odd. One event can open our eyes and allow us to see things clearly, and that may be what’s happened now. Make your announcement, and don’t worry. All’s well that ends well, as they say.

meera’s note: HEE HEE HEE.


7 Responses to “lackofsleep.lackofsleep.lackofsleep. stillhavetimetodream.”

  1. Hello Hello Says:

    Glad to hear that you’ve moved on! :)

  2. Heeeyyy…i saw you at samarpanam! :D

  3. hello hello: :) hmm.. whether i have indeed moved on or not is quite open to debate i think… feels like there’s still this shadow hanging over me.. and this feeling is going to persist till at the very least, the next two months… it’s awful and i try not to think too much about it…. BUT! at least i’m doing okay, ya. ;)

    Ambiga: YOU!! why didnt i see you at vaanavil!!!!! hehe did u see me at samarpanam with my fast unravelling saree and my half blind eye. i was WEARING SPECS WITH MY SAREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good god.

  4. Um…*small voice* i was also wearing my specs with a saree for samarpanam *cringes*

  5. hehehe ambiga. hv u seen my specs?? it is like a gazillion years old. with about tenthousand scratches and it slides down frm my face all the time! argh!!! hehehe

  6. Hehe..u cant beat mine ok..the guy got the degree wrong! Can u believe it? SO i look ugly in i cant even see clearly..pfft

  7. OMG!!!! Do you know that my specs guy switched my lens!!!! Right lens to left, and left lens to right!!! that’s why i had to wear my old specs!! and i had such a bad eye infection…………….! ugh.

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