Brokeback mountain.

I think my life is so full of highs and lows.
But what is frightening is that the lows are really lows, and the highs are just too high, that I get breathless. And dizzy.
Almost like a sedating drug. That keeps you sane. And happy.
Like nature's prozac.
And then life sends a whopper of a low, and you break down, and fall on your knees.
Yesterday was a low.
Today was a high.

I don't know. I watched Brokeback Mountain today. At Suntec. The movie…It was quite sad. And seeing guy-on-guy action was a little uncomfortable (only because it was new). But still, their feelings , and the way the emotions were portrayed were so subtle and well, I liked it.

It was good just getting out of the house, out of school, and just for once, go out, not have drinks or loud blaring music, and just chill with a friend and catch a movie, and eat popcorn. I was lucky that I had good company. We talked, laughed, watched the movie, became squeamish together and laughed uneasily, and then had a nice dinner at an Indian food place at Marina. He was really sweet. But I don't understand why I find myself in potentially complicated situations. I seem to have a knack for getting myself messed up in all sorts of political webs, even though I do try to avoid it. Or maybe, I have really stopped bothering.

Life is too short.
With the exclusion of your family, live it the way you want to (without hurting anyone), and heck the rest of 'em. Afterall, life comes once. Just once.


3 Responses to “Brokeback mountain.”

  1. brokeback was a bit too slow for me, but perhaps it was just my frame of mind during those few days when i watched it.

    either way, it’s good to take a time-out and i’m glad you did. take care ma.

    (and ah, no offense, but i thot the last 2 templates were alot more gorgeous)
    :) *hug*

  2. Hello Hello Says:

    Are you back on the dating field again? This template is very dull.The previous one was better.

  3. Anantya: yeah it was a little slow, i wld agree. especially the ranch and stuff. but actually i was taking in the breath taking views. i was so into the movie i could actually smell the mountain air (ahhhh.hehe)

    Hello Hello: hmmm… well dating field.. perhaps.. im just getting to know people. nothing serious.

    Anantya + Hello Hello: hehe yes this template is a little dull. I shall play around with the other templates then. :D thanks darls.

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