Saturday Night Fever.

I had such a terribly wonderful Saturday that I feel so guilty about it.
Once in a while, my acts of stupidity do come back to haunt me, and then I get all spaced out and I can't get anything done. But the past week has been filled to the brim with work, and I had to force myself (with the help of a very good friend), to camp in the Airport with the laptop and finish up my work.

I feel a little bad that I actually could have done a better job on the essay and the term paper proposal. Come to think about it, I feel like my term paper proposal doesn't make much sense. Crap. The sinking feeling.

Anyway. It's over and done, so moving on. Yesterday, 2 of my girls and me went to a club's official opening & 1st yr anniversary, and it was quite the experience. On one hand, we had to go because of..let's say, business. haha ;)  And on the other hand, it was really fun. The place was huge. The crowd was, well, not too bad. And we had free drinks from the boss. haha We even got let in easy. ahh perks. Well. Moving on. I had quite the traumatising experience because it is now officially confirmed that Meera attracts only the oddest Indian men.
Either, they pretend to be nice and then mess you up. Or they are just plain odd. Like yesterday. I am not going to go into details because I'm a little too tired to type. But men, when they can't hold their alcohol, and can't stop shutting their gap, really piss me off. Let me relate an incident yesterday. I was standing with my friend, and then I feel a tap on my elbow.

Me: (jumping away,looking at horror at said 29-32 year old man wearing a shirt.)
Him: Beautiful song, right?
Me: uh. yes. (look away)
Him: Yes I agree.
Him: Would you like to dance for this song?
Me: uhm no. (look away)
Him: Ah yes. I agree.
Him: (taps elbow)
Me: (thinking: crap. stop touching me!!!! turn back with questioning look.)
Him: I said, yes I agree.
Me: (look away and pretend I can't hear anything else he says.)

ARGH. what the hell.
And then one 17r old boy was sending me 'looks' on the dance floor. And then a mystery guy kept popping out of nowhere and just stood around staring at me.
I don't get it. What is wrong with my face?
Does it have a "I-too-am-an-odd-Indian-girl" pasted on my forehead??? damn it.

Well. So that was over. Then headed to a friend's chalet after much cajoling, and my god, danced like mad again, and made a friend, and I tell ya, there were four of us who stuck through the night and we went up to watch the 'sunrise' (which basically amounts to the general lightening of the sky, since I saw no great ball of fire rising from the sea), and we were talking and laughing and laughing so hard, I laughed till I cried and my stomach hurt. It has been so so so long since I really laughed like that. haha.. and this guy told a 'ghost story' which involved mee goreng and which triggered my craving for mee goreng so I dragged the four sweethearts to Changi Village just so I could eat mee goreng. (i just realised I repeated mee goreng thrice in the last sentence.. and now four times. hahaha) had too good a time. Now the idea of work is looming up and its a little scary. Quite scary actually.

So. What I'm going to do now is to take a shower. And start something productive. So maybe this weekend might be a good one too. ;)


7 Responses to “Saturday Night Fever.”

  1. Well, its always like this..the really nice shy guys are too scared to approach the girls…and its the weird ones who have enough guts…so sad right?

  2. down with weird guys!! :P

  3. Ambiga: I know. it’s a damn damn damn sad case. sigh. And if we approach, we are too forward. Not good for ‘an indian girl’. good la. sigh sigh sigh.

    Anantya: AKKA! Find me a husband. Or at least a sane boy.hehe

  4. Lavathena Says:

    wahahahhahahhahahhaha….*roll on the floor laughing*…i love the blog template!!

  5. lavathena: hahaha thanks sweetheart! i only wish the color was a deep red or something instead of greeeeen!

  6. yah, red’s more your colour ma:) when do u want your shoes n lippie back??

  7. geet: ooooh its with u. hahahaha eh u ah! make sure my gold shoes remain pointy. if i see it has become blunt, i’ll make sure u sharpern it with a pencil sharpener. hehe soon baby. i cant wait for next 2 weeks to be over.

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