First Thoughts..

First Thoughts that Come to Mind

Relationships: Family, Friends,
Your Last Ex: Pain. Heartbreak.
Power: God.
Crack: Drugs.
Alcohol: Clubbing. Drunk. Driving.   Gang: Tattoos

The President: SR Nathan
War: Death. Differences.

Fear: Ghosts. Fear Factor.
Money: $$$ Work.
Yellow: Thaipusam! Mangalam.
Cars: Red BMW
Gas Prices: Stop going up.

Religion: Hinduism.
Plastic: Plastic Surgery. Non-biodegradable.   Dance: Passion.
MySpace: Friendster
Vanilla Ice: Rap. Ice-Cream.
Work: Future. Fear.

Roll: Jelly roll. (????)   Pet Peeve: Lateness.
Mexico: Bolero.
Pixie Stix: Chocolate Pixies.
High School: Cedar
Bad Sex: Selfish.

Pajamas: Bananas in Pyjamas. Sleep. Night. Moon. Comfy.
Jesus: Infant.
Pictures: Canon Digi Cam. Capture. Moments. Memories.

Free: Cheaper than cheap.

Chuck Norris: Action movie. (???)   Snowman: Scarecrow. Snow.
Go go: Old-fashioned. Nostalgic. dance.
Sticks and Stones: Nature. Wand. Wood.
Television: Starworld. Oprah. SunTV. Nickelodeon.
Meat: red. white. (hahaha… as if it were wine)

Cell phone: Necessary.
Hair: silky. beauty. fragranced.
DutchMasters: Milkmen.

Valentines Day: Wasted.


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