silences can mean so many things.. they mean more than words that are actually spoken. it's the unsaid that people should pay attention to, rather than the said. 'said'-s are usually facades. it's what that remains hidden that is the truth. how does one explain a whirlwind of emotions? the eye of a storm? electricity. fingertips. breathing. closeness. and then just like that, disjunct. disconnect. separation.

why me? why you? are we just remains of our emotions that we have not exhausted yet? a beginning of an end? what a scary thought. it frightens me. i keep asking why, but with no answers. all i get in return is a backlash of noisy thoughts. crashing in my head. can you see it through my calm facade? or do you pretend? this is not easy. is it right? wrong? they know. and they deny. they pretend. they choose not to see. it's the calmness before the storm. violent storm. surge of emotion and pain and love and tears and laughter. it is the beginning of the end, is it not?


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