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What am I doing in my life? What should I be doing in my life? So confused. A distraction. Sweet. Smitten. Unrealistic. Overwhelmingly impractical. A transcient sweetness. Will be gone in a flash. Blink of an eye. Known? Silliness! Makes me smile to myself. Laugh even. When I’m alone. In solitude. Really? Myriad of noisy thoughts in my head. Clash. Wham. Bang. Clippings of long-gone phone conversations, laughter, tears, giggling, screaming, bits of music. A noisy clutter, in my head. Grasping at smoke, perfumed vapours. Again I smile To myself. Craziness. Halt. Reality beckons.


test test.

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my very first post outside diary-x.

heart-breaking. :( test test test.